Westfalenhof focuses on quality rather than quantity. The result is a healthy, highly motivated top range horses. In order to achieve this, we attach great importance to give the young horses enough time and through this the chance to developas good as possible.

The breeding mares, foals and youngsters in the summer are distributed on the spacious fields around Westfalenhof while during the winter they go out on paddocks or fields during the day, but spend the nights in the barn. This facicliates not only an optimal mutual trust for the hoses towards humans already at a young age but also allows close observation of the youngsters. Strengths, weakness and the development status can be perceived very early this way and the later training can be geared towards it.

Furthermore the emphasis of the training is rather the age.based education and training of the horses than the quick sucess. Four, five and six-year-old horses take part in carefully selected shows for young show jumping horses where they are prepared for their later sporting requirements. Likewise, our older show jumpers are only attend quality shows to maintain the motivation and willingness to perform of our athletes. The Westfalenhof Stud Farm provides our horses a home which leaves nothing to be desired. As addition to the training, they enjoy regularly to be out at the fields, outings on horseback, walker and greatest possible variation.