Sweet Hero

Sir Donnerhall I - Bonheur

The most modern type and movement quality

As part of the Hanoverian licensing in 2013, the ultra-modern and light-footed Sweet Hero enthusiastic with three outstanding gaits and was expected to be rewarded with a positive Körurteil. Equipped with plenty of Go persuaded Sweet Hero with a remarkable overview and modern type values.    

Father Sir Donnerhall I is considered one of the safest German dressage stallions : It stands out as the father of world champions , record holders and Körsiegern price . He himself was second reserve champion at his stallion licensing 2005 Ia main premium stallion , 2006 national champion and vice-champion of the five -year old dressage horses and has early on as a "brand stallion" turns out: With over 80 licensed sons, he is one of the best dressage stallions for breeding world.    

As a mother, father , the strong Bolero embossed Bonheur by Brentano II - Roncalli records xxverantwortlich . Bonheur graduated in 1996 a very good HLP in Adelheitsdorf where he went ancestry according to expect out as rideability . About successful Federal Championship qualifications and after several victories in the heavy class presented Bonheur its performance and sportiness to prove before he continued his career in Canada .     With the stallion of the century Weltmeyer viewed Sweet Heros Pedigree completed with the best that it has to offer the Hanoverian dressage horse breeding. About 2,200 registered sport horses , numerous Grand Prix offspring , Olympians , champion stallions , Federal Champions: Weltmeyer basis for a whole dressage dynasty. Xx Gradezu perfectly rounded off with Goldstein and The Lion seem to read the more ancestral sequence of Sweet Hero like a "Who 's Who" of Hanoverian dressage horse breeding.

From Sweet Hero dam line of Nigretti come from , among others, the licensed stallions Bodyguard (by Burlington); Vice Federal Champion Rpf . 2013 Wentrup (by Wolkenstein II) , Catan (by Conteur) , Duke of Ellington (by Dancier) and many internationally successful sport horses of different disciplines such as Don Felice W (by Donnerhall) Dr. Inter I successfully Sunset (by Sandro) by Soren Petersen Prov. to S * successfully , Wapiko (by Wolkenstein II) Dr. Inter I successfully , Lawrence (by Lauries Crusador xx) Dr. up to Grand Prix , Dollar Girl (by Dynamo) Spr Nations prices to successfully Nick Skelton, Bill Baxter (by trillion xx) versatility to CIC ** successfully, Carlos (v. Coriolanus) Viels . conclud . under Sandra Auffarth or Leroy Brown (by Welt As) Spr Nations prices to successfully Tjark nail. 

  • Hannoveraner
  • Birth: 2011
  • Color: Braun
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Zugelassen für: Hannover, Oldenburg, Westfalen, Rheinland und fast alle süddeutschen Verbände

Breeding fee

  • Besamungspauschale: 300 €
  • Trächtigkeitstaxe: 450 € (abzüglich 75 € bei Vorkasse)

Sweet Hero

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