Belissimo M

Beltain x Romadour


Belissimo M NRW - From another planet!

Belissimo NRW put from the beginning a sporting dream career par excellance for: top auction horse , record stallion performance test winner , National Champion , finalist at the World Championships for young dressage horses . 2011 saw the launch Belissmo after a long pause sports directly to S- level and came under Hayley Beresford, Australia, wins and several placings in . He graduated from the Olympic qualification for London 2012 as the best horse in the Australian team.

As a riding horse producer Belissimo is absolutely a class of its own : So far, nine stallion performance test winner and four runner-up performance test winner among so far over 50 licensed stallions are probably a world record! 85 state premium mares , including champion mares in Hanover , Bavaria and Westphalia and the Rhineland in 2012 winning mare , bear witness to his inheritance safety. These five federal champions and with a view point come a two-time bronze medalist at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden.

Callaho 's Benicio in 2011 with top grades federal champion six- year old dressage horses in Warendorf. More champions and many high priced auction horses worldwide - with 572,000 euros was his daughter Belandra one of the top horses of the PSI in Ankum 2011 - evidence of Belissimos resounding inheritance of riding quality. His oldest progeny were allowed to start first time in 2011 in Class S - equal to fifteen were in 2012 at this level successfully , often even as a winner. With Bella Rose under Isabell Werth Belissimo continues the same from his first crop, a multiple Grand Prix winner and currently the youngest championship squad horse in Germany !

In the FN breeding value rating for dressage Inheritors Belissimo has for years among the top one percent of the established sires (152 index points in 2013 ) - and with a sensational security of 97 %) ! Furthermore Belissimo M is represented in this year with three of his sons among the top one percent of the best dressage stallions.

This prepotence is the result of systematic breeding performance . The father Beltain by Bolero was himself in the dressage arena successful up to S and comes from one of the most successful mare families in Hanover : Beltain mother is a full sister of the Celle State Stud sires Garibaldi I and II and grandmother of Wolkenstein I and II and Grand Prix dressage horse Little Big Man , the Celle State Stud sires Brentano I and II and Beauvalais (including Vice World Champion 2002 in Jerez , Olympic bronze in Athens in 2004 ) belong to this highly successful mare line .

Mother Father Romadour II brought the unforgettable Rembrandt under Nicole Uphoff not only the most successful dressage horse of his time , he is about his son and his son Rosenkavalier Rubinstein as the founder of the R- line , one of the most valuable lines of the global dressage horse breeding. Belissimos mother Roxa supplied with boss three to S- dressage successful full siblings : Bonnie Bianco , Baccarole and Boutique.

  • Rheinländer
  • Birth: 15.04.1999
  • Color: Dunkelfuchs
  • Height. 170 cm
  • Zugelassen für: Westf., Rheinl., Hann., Old., Bayern, SWB, Holstein und alle süddeutschen Verbände

Breeding Fee

  • Breeding fee for all other countrys than Germany: 1.500 € (only prepayment)
  • TG is available. Please contact us for the details

Belissimo M

    Black Sky xx
    v. Bleep xx
    v. Marcio xx

    Romulus I
  Romadour II  
    v. Grunfink
    Lucius xx
    v. Welfenprinz

Belissimo M NRW & Hayley Beresford (AUS) Grand Prix Special CHIO Aachen 2012:


"Das beste Pferd meines Lebens" sagt Multichampioness Isabell Werth über Ihre Belissimo Tochter Bella Rose! Hier bei ihrer ersten gemeinsamen Grand Prix Kür im Rahmen des CHIO Aachen 2014:


Ausgewählte Beispiele für hocherfolgreiche Belissimo M-Nachkommen in allen Altersklassen: