Amiro Z

Amiro Z

Amigo Toss xx x Ramiro Z

 Lots of blood to secured personal contribution and best motherline

Looking for a stallion who brings the all-important in international show jumping blood, but do not want to do without effort, and one internationally secure parent strain? Then Amiro Z is your first choice!  
As a half-breed with a total of almost 70 % whole blood share , own international successes to 1.45 m and from one of the best dam lines in the world Amiro Z leaves nothing to desire a future- facing jumping horse breeder.

AMIROs whole blood father Amigo Toss xx goes back in direct line to the mother of the famous stallion Le Sancy xx , which we know as the progenitor of Ramzes and Zeus. Amigo Toss xx covered long on the Argentine Zangersheide of Leon Melchior and there was used with great success as a refiner of show jumper breeding.

AMIROs mother Renomee Z by Ramiro Z - Alme Z ( * 1989) , took with Argentinian Ricardo Kierkegaard part in the Olymischen Games in 1996 and 1998 World Cup and , in her pedigree countless stallions and mares in the jumping were initially even internationally highly successful and subsequently made ??just such a good name in the breed.

Dam's sire Ramiro Z went on for many years in international show jumping successfully Fritz Ligges . In breeding he stepped across Europe with excellent offspring in appearance. Among his most successful offspring include championship horses as Fatiniza, Rodney, Ramzes, Rinnetou Z and many more.
AMIROs grandmother Argentina Z comes from the European Supervererber Almé Z , who not only went even internationally in show jumping , but successful offspring in the world. Sons as Galoubet A, Jalisco B and I Love You also went in international sport and have achieved as a show jumping world fame. Argentina Z brought also sired by Ramiro with Ratina Z is one of the most successful jumping horses of all time (almost 1 million euro lifetime earnings , double Olympic gold and a silver medal ) for the licensed stallions Rebel ZI , II & III , the licensed rock Z and the mare Roxan Z , the mother herself licensed stallions and international showjumpers (eg Cayleigh, Chamir Z, Ramadan Z, Freedom Z).

AMIROs great-grandmother Heureka v. Ganeff , a Holsteiner mare of line 8154 , also went in international show jumping under Hermann Schridde and was in the years 1969 to 1971 one of the best jumping horse world with wins in Hamburg , Aachen, Brussels, Vienna , Berlin and Norten - Hardenberg. After winning the 1970 Grand Prix of Aachen , she was sold to Leon Melchior , first went even further in the sport and won , among other things the GP of Berlin and then went into the breed . It was one of the matriarchs of the stud farm Zangersheide and had immense success as a broodmare . Eureka's son Goliath ( Graf Gotthard) , for example, was in international showjumping and successfully brought , inter alia, the licensed Grosso Z , the father of the most profitable sports stallion in the world, Goldfever (Ludger Beerbaum) was .

  • Zangersheide
  • Born: 01.01.2004
  • Color: Fuchs
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Zugelassen für: Zangersheide, Selle Francais, Hannover, Westfalen, Rheinland und alle süddeutschen Verbände

Breeding fee

  • Besamungspauschale: 300 €*
  • Trächtigkeitstaxe: 600 €**

Amiro Z

    Egg Toss xx
  Nippon Toss xx  
    v. Babas Fables xx
Amigo Toss xx    
    Lefty xx
  La Toscana xx  
    v. Utopico xx

  Ramiro Z  
    v. Cottage Son xx
Renomee Z    
    Alme Z
  Argentina Z  
    v. Ganeff